45.00 every week for 4 weeks

Join the cloud swimmers: learn Gangte, and explore the jewels of the Manipuri culture.


Gangte is an indigenous language spoken in the verdant hills of Manipur, a bucolic northeastern state referred to by Indians as The Jewel of India. Gangte is a melodic Sino-Tibetan language which has only three tones. It uses English script for communication, making its written form also quite accessible to foreign students.

Originally animists until last century, oral folktale traditions are very much still alive in this language community. Gangtes are very proud to be known as cloud swimmers according to their folklore. They are also renowned for their creativity among the various hill tribe communities of Manipur.

This experience guides you through the wonders of the Gangte culture, and learning the Gangte language will give you a new way to see the world.

Meet your Gangte expert, Lalpaul.