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Take a journey through Yorùbáland, learn their melodic language and explore the culture of one of the largest ethnic groups in Africa!

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The Yorùbá speaking people of West Africa are renowned world over for their creativity in terms of art and craft. From cloth weave to sculpting, molding with clay for pots and effigies like the numerous statues, metal works by the smiths. In fact, the Yorùbá deserve to be called art and craft specialists because of the dexterity in the artistic realm.

The course gives you the chance to discover the West African world and explore Yorùbá people’s love for dance, music, and arts.

With our online Yorùbá experience you have three options:

  • Skype calls without online content - great for those who already know a bit of Yorùbá and just want to practise their conversation skills

  • Online content only - for those who want to dip their toe into Yorùbá and want to take their learning at their own pace and time

  • Online content and Skype - our most popular option, you have the opportunity to delve deeper into Yorùbá and practise what you' have learned online with your native Yorùbá expert.