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The Sundanese experience

Making the world of difference

Tribalingual lets you explore undiscovered languages, cultures and traditions, through online experiences, workshops, books and more. 

Experience the world in an authentic way, at a local level. 

By joining us you gain the freedom to explore the world, discover the unknown, widen your horizons and become part of a global network of members. 

The Malagasy experience

"I learned so much about Mongolia - nothing I could google, so this experience was something else…"

— Jim, Mongolian student

The Mongolian experience

Connecting the dots

There are 196 countries in the world, around 7000 languages spoken and countless different traditions practised. 

Tribalingual was set up to bring the world together and to propagate the world’s intangible cultural heritage. Sign up to one of our experiences and discover the world and its people today. 


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