Tribalingual for schools

Inspire students to think differently


Why choose us?

We deliver mind-opening workshops that combine cultural experiences and learning skills.

You get students inspired with innovation, collaboration and motivation.

Your students get fun and inspiring sessions that promote creative thinking and good interactions in the classroom.


What we do


We combine team-building activities with thrilling cultural experiences (e.g. Caucasian dance, African drumming or Tuvan throat singing) that you won't find anywhere else.

4 - 8 HOURS

We deliver this over half or full day, depending on your needs. By the end of the training day, we get everyone thinking creatively and differently.

5 - 100 STUDENTS

Our events are delivered in your school. No need to travel, no need to run or swim. We bring cultural experiences and innovative thinking directly to you.


Why we are different


Our workshops will make your students happy and fulfilled. Happy students means increased productivity and more engagement!


Our unique combination is a great way to learn and also have fun. The sessions increase creativity thinking and self-esteem.

Different cultures behave and think in different ways - getting into the minds of different cultures will enable your students to escape from their habits and think afresh
— Inky Gibbens, Founder