Many only experience the lush, volcanic panoramas of West Java (Jawa Barat) through the murky window of a lumbering bus or train, but this dramatic, diverse region has plenty to detain the inquisitive traveller who enjoys breaking away from the standard Java traveller circuit. Historically, it's known as Sunda, and its people and language are Sundanese.


Our local Sundanese specialist will teach you all you need to know about West Java and the people who inhabit this area. From learning about local traditional ceremonies to preparing Nasi Timbel, a delicious local delicacy, you will get to the very heart of Sundanese culture.

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Meet Syauqi

Our amazing Sundanese experience is brought to you by Syauqi, a Sundanese native and Bandung local. You will speak to him directly from his base in West Java and get to experience Sundanese like no other.

Syauqi is passionate about languages and speaks Indonesian, Sundanese, English, and Esperanto fluently. He also enjoys reading, travelling and meeting people from around the world.