Malagasy is the language spoken on the island of Madagascar. The land is home to unique wildlife and scenery whose colours and vivacity have influenced every aspect of its culture.

If you plan on visiting Madagascar or if you want to access its unique culture, then look no further. Madagascar is much more than just lemurs, baobabs, and rainforest. It’s people and their culture too.


Our local Malagasy specialist will teach you all you need to know about Madagascar and the people who inhabit this area. You will learn about Malagasy traditions, habits, and how the people have managed to keep the very essence of their culture despite outside influence. As a bonus, you’ll also learn how to cook a chicken, a-la-Malagasy!

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Meet Haingo

My name is Haingo. My siblings and I grew up listening to tales and plays, broadcast on our national radio. We were fascinated by the lessons those programs taught us. I also think that if people visiting Madagascar speak Malagasy they will have a much richer experience on our island. My mission is to promote and teach the beautiful Malagasy culture and language to people all over the world.